My dad is a character to say the least. He turned 60 in February and he has tokens of wisdom that have proved equally inspiring and confusing.

Last Tuesday night provided a perfect example. I have a new girlfriend and probably the #1 thing we have in common is we like to drink. Nice foundation for a mature relationship right? She worked as a bartender/waitress at a pretty nice restaurant and was able to snag a bottle of champagne and 2 bottles of wine for us. Right as we were about to pop the cork on the champagne to get the night going, my Dad returned my call from way earlier in the day. Not great timing.

We chatted about nonsense for a little bit until he asked what I was up to. To the chick’s surprise, I told him exactly where the bottle of champagne I was about to pop, to celebrate nothing, came from.

He laughed and followed it with some great wisdom: “Hey, I support stealing if you’re under the age of 25. Free booze is like a pay raise.″

I couldn’t agree more. Now, it does depend on what kind of stealing we’re talking about. A couple $10-12 bottles of wine from a restaurant that sells a single glass for over $10? That passes the test. Live young, (play) dumb, and stay broke. Stealing music? There are worse things. Stealing a dog? There probably isn’t a worse thing. Know the difference when to follow the under-25 rule unofficially made official by Papa Conn.