Ok yes it was Ron Artest Metta World Peace who got ejected from a basketball game. Not surprising.

MWP punted the ball, will be signed by the New York Jets (probably). Kinda surprising.

To clear the air, I’m not here to sit on my high-horse of sportsmanship and talk about how immature Metta Artest is. I’m here to critique his punting form so we can get him on an NFL roster.

Ok Ron, I know you’re reading this. First things first. Bad drop. Your drop should never gain height from your hands. That’s why its called a drop not a toss.

I hate your body language as a punter. Your leg lazily flailing through the ball with no explosion from the rest of your body is not what the Cowboys are going to want on their 6th punt of the first quarter. Not to mention, your lack of focus here is why you shanked the shit out of the ball. You know a football is smaller and oblong-shaped right?

Ron World Piece would find a way to gloat about his net punt of 11 yards out of bounds,  so let’s give him some positive feedback.. Credit where credit is due, I did like the quick release. If we’re punting from the shadow of our own goal post, I’d rather have this than a blocked punt.

Here’s what’s even worse than World Peace’s punting technique: Jim Jackson’s take on the kick. That was not a 4.5/10. Stick to basketball Jim, that shank was a 3 at best. Then he goes on to say “he would not be a great field goal kicker.” How do you know? Maybe he’s a natural at place kicking but punting just isn’t his thing. They are different skills despite what NCAA Football 14 suggests.

Ron Metta World Artest is good for sports, entertainment, and really everything. He’s unfiltered, unapologetic, and we could use more of that.