It’s world emoji day. What’s your favorite? No one cares.

Eggs and bacon for breakfast with the cloudy morning. Still haven’t done the dishes. It was a solid weekend that extended through Monday for me.

Went down to the Capital District for an interview and doctor’s appointment. Thought that was gonna be the main focus of the trip but our spontaneous casino night proved me wrong.

I knew roulette was going to be bad when I spilled half my beer on myself and the table. My $34 is cash went way too quickly but the chick went to the ATM and our night moved on to blackjack.

Blackjack was a different story. I was down to just the $10 minimum even after winning a hand or 2 with $20 from the chick. From there, we caught fire. A beer later and I cashed out +$110, she outperformed me at +135. Great night for the 2 of us. Home at roughly 1:30 AM the night before my interview.

My interview the next day might as well have been with Dunder Mifflin. First interview was at 11:00 AM Monday in an office with absolutely bare walls and just a couple chairs. Met with one of the founders who did his best to help me understand the company by using very ineffective football metaphors. Dude, I coached football for 2 years, I have other experiences outside of it. Nonetheless, I was invited back for my second interview at 1:00 PM. Yes, 2 hours later, but this time with a John Shelby look alike, if he lived in the 21st century as my interviewer. Both of these guys were no older than 25, and both way too happy to be where they were. Nothing good came  from that sit down. Sounded like they had a pyramid scheme. Hard pass on selling DirecTV systems.

After realizing I did not give a fuck about the “job” I just interviewed for, I had some time to kill with my girlfriend before my appointment in the evening. We know we have a trip to Vegas in our future, so naturally we convinced me to not work out and instead go back to the casino. This trip did not go as well. Both of us ended up down $15-20. Ya win some, ya lose some. Thankfully our third beers told us to stop gambling.

Remaining fun-employed. Not a bad life. Doing odd jobs around this small Adirondack town for some cash but other than that I’m free as a bird. I’m going to try to motivate myself to exercise today or tomorrow morning. Running, swimming, kayaking, something like that. Hopefully I’ll get a good sweat…I just applied to some new jobs. Wish me luck as I’ll have to be an adult again soon.