This will be my first true routine blog. Look out for your Mid-Week Cooler Talk every Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.

You’ve made it to the middle of the week, congrats on that. Honestly, my week has probably been a whole lot easier than yours.

Living at my lake house provides me a simpler life. My temporary boss who I’m doing some carpentry with has us working in 2 hour increments which fits me well with my millennial attention span. I can do pretty much anything for 2 hours. With the exceptions of running and listening to Barstool’s “Chicks in the Office” yap about nothing. I like Fran and Ria but my god that show seems to be targeting the dumbest of girls.

Going back to my simple life, I did a small load of laundry in a 5 gallon bucket using lake water and biodegradable soap and I can’t believe my dirty white tank still looks dirty. It does smell minty-fresh though. Once my shit dries on the line outside, it will have that mountain-style, rough clean that will make me feel far more alpha than I am.

After a quick run I also bathed in the lake, as is customary at our camp. I’m only 5-10% scared of potential lake monster attacks when I swim alone. Alcohol tends to curb that fear but I haven’t started my daily intake yet. The boss man needs me to work some more this afternoon (ugh).

I had a meal plan when I was coaching for these past couple years so I’m still adjusting to having to shop for myself and deal with basic adult living responsibilities.

How I feel every time I think through what I have to do for myself:

I apologize for the out of season Christmas movie reference but you’ll just have to suck it up.

So yea, my week has been enjoyable thus far. My mom is coming to camp tomorrow so my solitude will be compromised but at least I’ll have a mom around to do mom things. You’re never too old to let your mom mother you. I have applied to some jobs and I’m working on advancing to a place I actually pay rent, but for now, I’m gonna enjoy the fuck out of this.

Just clearing the air.