Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Mid-Week Cooler Talk. 

Well, my temporary work was cancelled both Monday and Tuesday. Like snow days except because of partial chances of rain and some extenuating circumstances. So I probably made it to the middle of our week from a much different perspective than most.

Twitter just distracted me from getting this started and I couldn’t be happier. The MAC has once again proved to be the coolest conference in all of college football:


Hey Commissioner Steinbrecher, want a job at the NFL? I hear our boy Roger has some haters out there, as in, everyone. What an idea to make this MAC Jolly Roger flag. Badass as fuck, completely unique idea. First they brought us mid-October Tuesday night games, now they take it to the next level with the coolest flag in sports.

Sorry Seattle Seahawks, the 12 ain’t this cool. Neither is the Chicago Cubs “W”. Ole Miss has the Confederate flag which has become fully #problematic.

I’m a big Western Michigan guy and they open up their 2018 season against my alma mater Syracuse. Head Coach Tim Lester was the OC at Syracuse when I was a student manager turned student assistant. For those of you who think those 2 things are the same, manager was really an equipment manager, when I became a student assistant I was a volunteer in the offices doing football stuff.

Beyond Coach Lester, he hired 3 others coaches from Cuse that I knew pretty well. Great coaches, great people. I had the opportunity of visiting for some spring practices this February. What a spot the Broncos have in Kalamazoo.

I clearly am not a huge picture guy if this is my best one from a 3 day trip

With media days from conferences all over the country being held this past week or so, football hype is BACK in a big way. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait to enjoy actually being able to watch games now that I’m not coaching.

Speaking of, I have a pretty legit interview coming up tomorrow for a job right where a want to be, doing something new that I could see myself excelling at. No, not writing. I know that’s what all you readers were thinking.

Interviews are tough and in my opinion, an out-dated way to find job candidates. Who can honestly sit down with a candidate for a total of maybe an hour over a meeting or 2 and have a good idea of who they are getting? Anyone can put on a good face for those couple meetings but that has nothing to do with day to day work ethic and practical intelligence.

My alternative suggestion would be to have people work and train for a few days and work in the actual environment the job entails. That will show true colors. The football coaching world does this by having candidates treat the coaching staff as a meeting room, showing film, answering questions, and being in front of a crowd for an hour proving who they are and what they know.

Enough of that, wish me luck and finish your week strong. The hard part is over and believe it or not, there’s plenty of summer left to enjoy…then it’s time for football.

Just clearing the air.