It’s August. It’s officially football preseason. Get hype. Give this a watch. All-time music video courtesy of Kenny Chesney.

I tried to give it a full watch but I felt my eyes wanting to leak at about the 1 minute mark. This came out before my senior year of high school and it brings me back to my time under Friday night lights.

August is a great month. Came in at #4 in my power rankings. I love it because every football team in America gets back to work and has hope. Even the Cleveland Browns, who are gonna win 7 games this year by the way behind my man Tyrod Taylor…or Baker Mayfield. But enough about football, you’ll be able to read all about this upcoming NFL season tomorrow with our 2018 NFL Preview written by not me.

I dropped my phone in the lake on Monday morning just trying to check the time. Now my volume rises and falls depending on how my phone is contorted, the “touch” aspect of the touch screen doesn’t work for 15 minutes of every hour, and my battery analysis claims that my home and lock screen is taking up 65% of my ever-dropping battery life. 2018 everybody. I need a new phone anyway, my iPhone 6s was in it’s last days as it was. I have an iPhone 8 on the way, despite almost leaving the iPhone life. I told my girlfriend I was seriously considered getting a Samsung and all I heard in response was “I’ll be mad”.

I applied to one job today and decided that earned me a lunch out at the local deli where I had a pint and a flight. Now I’m kinda buzzed and loving life. I once heard a very wise man (the internet) say, “write drunk, edit sober”. I’m gonna blindly follow that advice except I probably won’t edit at all.

Seems like the world has completely slowed down the past week or so. I had the opportunity to listen to 20ish minutes of Bloomberg radio while I was waiting for work (that was eventually cancelled) to start this morning and even they seemed bored. They talked about how Apple beat on earnings (thanks to my iPhone 8 order I’m sure) and is reaching an all-time high and that made me an even prouder shareholder. Other than that, the MLB continues to bore and ESPN over-analyzes 2 passes at various NFL training camps acting like they are reporting ground-breaking stories. Honestly I haven’t watched any ESPN over the past 2 weeks but I’m fully assuming that’s what Sal Pal and their other field reporters continue to blabber about.

And so concludes another mid-week stream of consciousness. You made it over the hump. If you’ve read this far, you’d probably be the first. Make the most of your Wednesday night and rest of the week. I would, but my temporary work keeps getting cancelled and I’d rather drink.

Just clearing the air.