Just another edition of your favorite hump-day ramblings.

This might be brief, I’ve been busy this week with a total of 9.5 hours of work and 11 hours of drinking since Sunday. But just like every Wednesday, we all deserve a HUGE pat on the back for making it to the middle of the week.

Still living up in the Adirondacks, building woodsheds for work, flying around on boats, fishing, and travelling down to New York’s Capital District to hang out with friends, lose money at the Saratoga Race Track and enjoy life. It was just this week that I began to realize this is probably the best summer of my life. Copious levels of freedom, enough earnings to keep my head above water, and at my favorite setting in the world.

All that being said, I’m really thinking I need a good change of scenery soon. Just for a few days. The Chick (recently upgraded from “the chick”) is going to visit her sister in Florida next week and I might tag along. Apparently it’s supposed to be hot as balls this time of year down there and considering how much I sweat in Saratoga Springs, NY, that does not bode well for me. Honestly, I love sweating, but not when I don’t want to be sweating. Reasonable times to be happy with it are during exercise or manual labor, not betting on horses followed by a Dierks Bentley concert.

That brings me to another point that I’ve learned as I’ve slowly matured: concerts are better when you remember them, i.e., not getting completely hammered, sauced, or shitfaced. I had made that mistake at many concerts before I turned 20 and it never ended up being as much fun as it should have. Learning to pace yourself, feel a good buzz+, and enjoy the music has become my game plan ever since I stumbled around into a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia years ago.

Obviously I’m a country music fan. It used to be all I listened too, thankfully I have diversified with rap and miscellaneous jams. While Drake’s Mount Rushmore is himself with 4 different expressions, here’s my Mount Rushmore of country artists*:

*Disclaimer: Talking current artists and judging based on their amount of certified fire jams and consistency from album to album.

Kenny Chesney

Dierks Bentley

Eric Church

Old Dominion

Glad I could clear the air there. Luke Bryan didn’t make the cut because he realized how much of his fan base are women so he only puts out songs for them these days. I don’t blame him, his target audience LOVES him, but I miss the old Luke who sang “All My Friends Say”, “Country Man”, “Drunk On You’, etc.

Keep grinding this week, college football is back in 22 days, we’ve got plenty of summer left.

Just clearing the air.