Congrats on making it to the middle of the week! I didn’t have to do much to get here, but maybe you did.

I was getting ready to go for a run on Monday for the first time in over a week. I grabbed my running shoes, put my right one on normally but my left wouldn’t fit. There was a dead mouse in the heel, courtesy of our cats. Yikes. Happy Monday to me. Thankfully I got 18 holes in later in the day. No dead rodents in my golf shoes.

We’re officially in the dog days of summer. For the last 5 years, I spent my Augusts in training camps. 3 years with Syracuse football, the last 2 with a small DIII school also in New York. Even though they were 16 hour days with little time to collect yourself, it was absolutely my favorite time of the year as a coach. Every team in the country has hope and grinds in the heat. Watching film on a beautiful evening, sweat from practice dried on your neck, working towards the season every day was the best.

I started missing it after I watched the first episode of this year’s Hard Knocks on HBO last week (I haven’t seen episode 2 yet). Seeing the Cleveland Browns in training camp, probably because it was from a theatrical perspective, gave me my first itch that I should be out on the field somewhere.  Training camp is not nearly as interesting or glamorous as HBO shows it.

By the way, you probably didn’t hear it here first but the Cleveland Browns are winning 6+ games this year. Everyone can sit back and laugh at Hue Jackson and his 1-31 record as their head coach but what I learned from my time coaching and studying the coaching profession, there is something to be said for continuity. Hue Jackson didn’t just come off the street, he has a long coaching career that made him an NFL HEAD COACH. It doesn’t matter what franchise he took over, he’s a HMFC and he knows football. Now he enters year 3 and the last 2 years of failure will prove to be valuable experience. Throw in the addition of Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor, and a great draft, they’ve got a shot.

I’m not one to overreact to preseason games, but Baker Mayfield looked far better than I expected him to. They should be in their best shape at the QB position since…ever(?).

My job search heated up last night when the company I interviewed for a couple weeks ago sent me a 50 question quiz. Some were technical questions related to the industry while others aimed to check if I was a moron. Still waiting on those results.

Headed to grab a few drinks with our lake neighbors, you should to. Cheers.

Just clearing the air.