God damn was it great to spend all of Saturday on a College Football binge. LSU’s beat down on Miami Sunday night and we still had one game to go with the Hokies down in Tallahassee on Monday night which resulted in another underdog beat down.

Let’s wrap it up:

My Mortal Lock (Officially 1-0):

Auburn (-2) vs Washington

Outcome: Auburn 21 Washington 16

Never a doubt! I have to say, Washington impressed me with their defensive front. They were stout most of the game and had every chance to pull it out. But the SEC Auburn Tigers prevailed as I predicted, but it was far closer than I expected. More from this game to come later in the blog.

Best Bets:

Alabama (-24) vs Louisville

Outcome: Alabama 51 Louisville 14

Easiest pick this week. Alabama did the Alabama thing where they pound out the soul of their opponent, score on defense, and trot out of the stadium with zero people surprised. 24 points was almost an insult to Bama. Nick Saban is too good of a coach, their culture just breeds success, and on the other side, Petrino is a scumbag and will be fighting for a 7 or 8 win season. On to the next victim for Alabama.

Syracuse @ Western Michigan: OVER 65.5

Outcome: Syracuse 55 Western Michigan 42

Bet the over for every Syracuse game you can. 65.5 is no lay up, but the game ended up with 97 (!!!). Dino Babers is an up-tempo, Big 12 offensive mind. QB Eric Dungey is a god damn menace. He had to come in and start for us as a freshman when  I was a senior student assistant with the team. The kid just makes plays. He also picked like 3 fights on Friday night. Not to mention, the Syracuse defense has been anything but stout since Babers took over. In 2016, Syracuse and Pitt set the NCAA record for most points in a game…and it didn’t go to overtime! 76-61. Imagine scoring 61 points, and losing. Sheesh.

Maryland (+12) vs Texas

Outcome: Maryland 34 Texas 29

Never, ever, ever bet against a team who recently tragically lost a teammate. Maryland came out and played inspired football and won the game outright. Last year they went to Texas and smashed all hopes of “Texas is back” this year was no different. Rest in peace Jordan McNair. Glad the Terps won their first one for him and I hope they continue the momentum.

Catch of the Year of the Week:

Washington’s Quinten Pounds for the touch to pull within 2  of Auburn late in the first half.

What We Learned This Week:

Notre Dame is good and/or Michigan is in trouble.

Jim Harbaugh’s seat just got hotter. The 24-17 score does not indicate the ass-kicking Notre Dame delivered on Saturday night. Michigan only rushed for 58 total yards, their 2 touchdowns came from a kickoff return and a too-little-too-late punch in. Notre Dame was stronger, more consistent, and more physical than the Wolverines. It remains to be seen if this game proves more that ND is that good, or Michigan is that bad.

Texas is not back.

I run a survivor pool with about 20 people in. Pick 3 games a week between Power 5 teams, can’t pick the same team twice, 5 losses and you’re out. 5 people took an L with Texas. Like I said, never pick against a team who tragically lost a teammate. But also, never rely on Texas just from artificial preseason hype that they are “back”. Regardless, they should’ve, could’ve, would’ve beaten Maryland, but they didn’t. Not a good loss.

LSU may have it this year. Geaux Tigers.

They still didn’t dazzle with a passing attack and only amassed 296 total offensive yards, but Coach O’s Tigers won big over #8 Miami. I think that ranking was a bit inflated, but that’s what early season is all about. LSU only turned the ball over 8 times last year, and didn’t give Miami a chance to break-in their new “Turnover Throne” on Sunday night. With 2 takeaways of their own, one taken back for 6, Coach O should be proud of his guys and their convincing win. It wasn’t the prettiest, but they got the job done.

It’s a transition year for Florida State.

Losing at home, in those sexy black unis, at home to the 7-pt underdog in Virginia Tech isn’t good. But the way they lost was very bad. Four trips to the red zone, 3 points. Underwhelming to say the least. I wouldn’t want to be walking to class at FSU today. But I’m not one to overreact about any team after 1 game, especially when facing Bud Foster’s Virginia Tech defense. So I’m not saying the Noles are dead, but they may be finished. More negative stats below

Growing up a huge Hokies fan, last night was awesome.

Tears Train Stops:

I’m starting the Tears Train. When a team loses to a huge underdog or just loses all hope of achieving their goals, the Tear Train comes through like those old Coors Light commercials. Except instead of beautiful people getting cooled off with beer, it’s a fan base balling their eyes out.

I’m a self-admitted hater of a few programs. The top of my list of hated programs is Penn State. I was disappointed they just missed the Tears Train by escaping Appalachian State in OT.  Michigan State narrowly held off 23.5 point underdog Utah State. Usually we see 1 or 2 FCS teams take down over-confident FBS squads week 1 but this weekend it was just Nicholls over Kansas. Oh well, the Tears Train will have to wait another week.

Chax’s Picks:

I had Chax pick 2 games…

He’s 0-2 on the season, but, week 1 is the toughest week to pick, now he has an idea on what to expect.

Next Week:

Another decent slate coming up next week. Georgia at South Carolina, Clemson at Texas A&M, USC at Stanford are the best match-ups in my mind. We’ve also got NFL kicking off on Thursday and our first full football weekend to look forward to.

Just clearing the air.