Once again, against all odds, you made it to the middle of the week. Dreams do come true.

You hear Tiger Woods named himself on his Mt. Rushmore of golf? Love that move cause he’s right, and a huge congrats on the media for not trying to act mad about it. I’m sure someone did but you’re not gonna see that here on Clean Smoke. Tiger will be the outright GOAT by the end of his career, and he literally made golf cool.

Rainy as shit in the northeast, I’ve been stuck on the couch since Sunday re-watching the first season of Ozark on Netflix. It’s an awesome show, grabs you immediately and follows the familiar outline of antihero, drug money, high emotion drama. I’m in the process of writing a “why you should watch” but I need to see at least half of the recently-released season 2 to really finish it. If all goes well, that will not only be posted here, but also on an actual semi-established blog.

I may be joining a great team at Two Buttons Deep, definitely check them out and hopefully they aren’t counting on me to make great college football bets cause we all know how that has gone. But what’s the first step of a great comeback? Getting down by a lot.

This is the first Clean Smoke post of the true fall, let’s have a damn season! Fall is the best because you get a great progression of warm, even hot weather to start, then it get’s that perfect sweater weather, and when it finally really cools down, you’ve got the holidays to pick you right back up. Go to football games, drink pumpkin beers and red wine, and sleep in that perfectly chilly sleeping weather.

I’m gonna keep posting “Finish this sentence”s cause that actually got some good action (and not just from me). Let’s spread Clean Smoke all over, there’s already plenty of dusty smoke going around, literally and figuratively.

The Chick just complained about being stuffed up and proceeded to explain how her ears are stuffed. Definitely not a thing but I’m just gonna roll with it. Please keep her ears in your thoughts and prayers.

Having a very entertaining elderly couple over for dinner tonight as my lazy/slow summer at the lake extends into fall. It hasn’t been tough, but stir-craziness is beginning to set in. Seems like the job search is heating up, so hopefully I’ll be back into normal society and have more bullshit to ramble about in coming weeks.

Just clearing the air.