Quick Facts

2 Seasons, on Netflix

1st Released: July 2017

2nd Released: August 2018

Roughly hour-long episodes, 10 episodes per season.


Ozark is a dark, incredibly smart Netflix original series. Friends become foes, and foes become friends.

A mess of family issues and criminal dealings all weigh heavy on Marty Byrde’s shoulders. After being forced to move his family from their comfortable life in Chicago, he must scramble to launder immense amounts of money in the sticks of Missouri for his Mexican drug cartel boss. The Byrde’s are a family of four: Marty and his wife Wendy have 2 kids, Charlotte and her younger brother, Jonah. The combination of issues they deal with challenge them every episode.

The local rednecks are also a perfect cast of characters to mess with the Bryde’s dealings. The Langmore’s do not mess around, they live in just a couple trailers but want better for themselves and will do anything to get it. Then, to really complicate everyone’s problems, the FBI comes into town like any good drug/crime drama series.

Actors You’ll Recognize

Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde


Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde


I guess her Love Actually flame didn’t pan out


Similar Shows

If you liked…

Breaking Bad



…you’ll like Ozark

Secondary Characters You’ll Love

Ruth Langmore


Ruth is only one of the many in the redneck Langmore family, but by the far the most dynamic character. You’ll grow to like her because she is the only one who rivals Marty’s intelligence and she’s a downright badass. Her allegiances are challenged more than anyone but she continues to prove herself as the toughest, most cunning character in the Ozarks.



Full disclosure, she’s partially on this list because she’s a country-style beauty. But mostly, she made it because she’s gives you a hint of normalcy around an otherwise hectic story line. She’s the local you would actually want to associate with.

Buddy Dieker


Just a grumpy, old, dying man giving you some harshly dry comedic relief. He starts as only a small part in the grand scheme of things, but his importance grows as the series progresses. There isn’t a scene he’s in I don’t enjoy.

Characters You’ll Hate

Jonah Byrde


The youngest of the Byrde family, he’s 13, maybe 14 and can be an annoying little shit. He’s a little bit of a weirdo and for being so smart, he does some fucking stupid shit. I have a feeling he will become a deceivingly important character but he needs to stop being so extra.

The Snell’s (Primarily Darlene)


Jacob and Darlene Snell live up in the hills of the Ozarks and will fuck you up. They’re a two-headed snake, Jacob does the talking, Darlene has the venom. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actress who plays Darlene has been possessed once or twice in her life. Her death stares and merciless demeanor can’t just be good acting. If it is, give her some awards right now.

Pastor Mason Young


I do feel kinda bad putting the best human in the show on my hateable list but he’s so naive it frustrates me. He’s full of faith and means the best but man does he let that get in his way. Say what you will, but I hate Pastor Young in this show.

Little Things to Watch For

Every (crazy short) intro ends with a big “O”. In it are 4 small pictures of something that will be involved in the episode. Kinda fun to keep them in mind and try to spot them.

At least twice in season 1, football is on a TV is on in the background. Both times, it was footage from the Canadian Football League. How do I know this? Well, I’m a football guy and 50 yard lines don’t have direction arrows in the USA. CFL fields are 120 yards long, plus 20 yard end zones. Not relevant to the story at all, but I thought it was interesting. Goodell was probably afraid of someone stealing the total of 15 seconds of NFL action from a Netflix show.

Binge-Worthy rating: 9/10

I’m confident to give Ozark a 9 out of 10 even though there’s only 2 seasons right now. It does an incredible job of portraying the pressures the characters are under. It moves fast and there are plenty of twists to keep you on your toes. Don’t just try to watch 1 episode before bed, you’ll watch 5.