I run a CFB Survivor Pool, the rules are simple: Pick 3 games (between Power 5 teams) every week, you can only pick each team once, 5 losses and you’re eliminated.

There were 11 people remaining entering this week. Of our 33 collective picks, 19 lost. All but 3 people are booted.

That pretty much explains week 9, but let’s try to wrap this bitch up anyway.


What’s the first step of a great comeback? Getting down by a lot. Step one: check.


Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Northwestern, Final: NW 31 WIS 17 LOSS

I’m never betting against Northwestern at home ever again.


Purdue (+1) @ Michigan State, Final: MSU 23 PUR 13 LOSS

MSU has yet to cover at home, Purdue has yet to not cover on the road. Vegas won’t give the Boilermakers the respect the deserve (especially after that drubbing of Ohio State).

Texas Tech (+6) @ Iowa State, Final: ISU 40 TTU 31 LOSS

I know Iowa State is the biggest Bitch Team in the country. They pull upsets out of their ass. But now they’re favorites. It’s not their style. Texas Tech has covered in all of their away match-ups, I see them winning outright.

Washington State (+2.5) @ Stanford, Final: WSU 41 STAN 38 WIN

Washington State has covered in 100% of their games. You read that right. It’s not gonna stop now. They’re on a mission and still trying to earn the respect they deserve.


Purdue @ Michigan State (O/U 48), Total: 36 LOSS

I struggled to find an over I like this week. Purdue has scored over 40 points their last 3 games, and MSU has hit the over 3 out of their 4 home games. And 48 is a low number. None of these numbers lie.


Texas @ Oklahoma State (O/U 62), Total: 73 LOSS

Oklahoma State just scored 12 points against Kansas State, Texas has only hit 1 over in their last 4 games, and that was when they gave up 45 points to Kyler Murray and Oklahoma. 62 is too big of a number, hit that under.

Picks (2-1)

18 Iowa @ 17 Penn State (-6)

Prediction: Iowa 17 Penn State 9 LOSS

Actual: Penn State 30 Iowa 24

9 Florida vs 7 Georgia (-6.5)

Prediction: Georgia 27 Florida 13 WIN

Actual: Georgia 36 Florida 17

14 Washington State @ 24 Stanford (-2.5)

Prediction: Washington State 38 Stanford 17 WIN

Actual: Washington State 41 Stanford 38

The weird shit that makes CFB so damn entertaining

The ref falling down towards the end ties this whole sequence together.

Love a good coach fight. Gundy wins because he gives no fucks.

Hell yea Kirby. That’s how you celebrate a dominant win at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Mike Leach doing Mike Leach things.

Down 14-3 at half, Kentucky came back to win on an un-timed down further proving that 2018 is, in fact, the Year of the “Basketball School”.

5’4, 210 lbs. A couple 12 year-olds hacked the game and created this player on their xbox. Only explanation.

Kansas snapped their 14-game conference losing streak. Over TCU no less. IT’S THE YEAR OF THE “BASKETBALL SCHOOL”.

What we learned this week

No one is safe.

Well, except Alabama maybe, but so many teams fell this week.

21 USF lost to Houston

15 Washington lost to Cal

16 Texas A&M lost to Mississippi State

6 Texas lost to Oklahoma State

Colorado lost to….Oregon State…at home.

19 Oregon got SMACKED by…Arizona?

This had been the most madness-filled season I can ever remember. It seems like every conference is just cannibalizing itself and only Alabama will stand alive among the ruins of the rest of the nation.

I’ve said it so many times, IT’S THE YEAR OF THE “BASKETBALL SCHOOL”

My Alma Mater the Syracuse fucking Orange are back in the top 25 since 2001 after their big win over NC State. That’s the most important note here. But also, Kentucky survived a head-scratching underdog line at Mizzou and still has a shot in the SEC East, and Kansas has 3 wins after beating TCU. I love how the college football landscape has gotten so shook up. Need some new faces in these huge games in late fall.

The first CFB Playoff rankings are coming tomorrow, it seems straight-forward…right now.

Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan. All of these teams have a few big tests left, most notably the Tide’s trip to Baton Rouge next week. If LSU can find a way to beat Bama, the whole thing gets fucked up. LSU would control their own destiny in the SEC West and they would just need to win out to get in the Playoff. But would a 1-loss, 2nd in the SEC West Alabama still get a bid? Michigan has Penn State coming to town this week and of course has the Buckeyes in late November. I’m really not sure if they will get out alive. If they fall, we could have another 2 SEC Team-Playoff. And Clemson, as good as they’ve looked, has no room for error. The ACC is weak this year, undefeated and they’re in, 1 loss and they’re out.

Washington State is the PAC 12’s last hope.

Ranked #10, the Cougars are riding high off of back-to-back wins over ranked opponents. They’re the only 1-loss team in the conference and that needs to remain the case when Washington comes in for the annual Apple Cup. Get through their bitter rivals, and they should* be a conference championship win away from the Playoff. BUT, even if they win out, they’ll need help. Alabama has to go undefeated, Notre Dame and/or Clemson need to lose, and the Big 12 champion has to have at least 2 losses. I want Notre Dame to get in, but having a relative “no name” program in their would be fun to watch.

Next Week

HUUUGE match-ups. Huge CFB Playoff implications. College Gameday goes to Bama LSU, I can’t fucking wait.

6 Georgia @ 11 Kentucky

12 West Virginia @ 15 Texas

14 Penn State @ 5 Michigan

3 Notre Dame @ Northwestern

1 Alabama @ 4 LSU

California @ 10 Washington State

Just clearing the air.