To Clear the Air

What is Clean Smoke?

Am I the next Dave Portnoy? Probably not. But maybe.

I’m Dan and I am a 24 year old former college football coach and the author of Clean Smoke. Coaching was all I had seen myself doing for the last 6+ years. As I’ve made the tough decision to leave football as my primary career, I wanted to start my own venture and needed a creative release. So here’s my blog.

I’ve always enjoyed noticing the lighter and funnier sides of random things we all experience. I started Clean Smoke to clear the air of bullshit and help you find some easy entertainment during your day. Expect plenty of sports talk, The Office references, and interesting topics to spark some thought. I am a huge consumer of Barstool Sports which ultimately motivated me to get in the game.

Clean Smoke will be a mix of a wide array of topics within the lifestyle and musings of a 20-something. If it’s funny and/or interesting to me or one of my guest contributors, I’ll post it here. Enjoy.



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